"This is the Animalcare Group plc Business Model, which seeks to outline how we create, deliver and capture shareholder value."

Primary Markets: Supply of goods and services to veterinary professionals.

Animal Types: Primarily companion animals.

Products and Services: Licensed Veterinary Medicines, Companion Animal Identification and Animal Welfare Products.

Geographic Reach: Currently 93% revenue in the UK; 7% in EU with expansion plans to further penetrate the EU.

  • Robust process of identification of generic pharmaceuticals
  • Core competence in pharmaceutical licence applications
  • Broad experience of pharmaceutical formulation and contract manufacturers
  • Strong EU partner network for pharmaceutical co-development projects and quid pro quo distribution
  • Extensive reach of sales and marketing into UK veterinary customer base

Development team (NPD)

Our in-house and partner developers identify pharmaceutical products to develop undifferentiated, differentiated and enhanced generics. Each project is assessed against technical and commercial criteria to determine its suitability to become a full development project. Our development pipeline has generated in excess of £25m revenue since 2006.

Distribution (Wholesalers)

Animalcare sells its products to veterinary wholesalers in bulk. These products are then sold by the wholesalers to their veterinary practice customers. Similarly, some pharmaceutical products are sold to our European partners to distribute in their home territories.

Sales and marketing team (Veterinary practiecs / Pet owners)

Our marketing team provides promotional literature for our sales team and support materials to help veterinary professionals explain medical conditions and therapies to their pet owning clients. Our highly trained sales team call on veterinary practices across the UK to promote our products and services, thereby pulling demand through the veterinary wholesalers. The regular visits from our sales representatives mean we have first hand experience of what our customers need, and can channel their feedback back to our development team. Our European partners distribute in their home territories.

Pet microchip database (Pet owners)

Our database staff receives over 100,000 calls a year from owners updating their contact details and animal welfare professionals wanting to reunite lost pets.



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